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Services: Glasses AND More in Kamloops


The optometrists at Summit Eyecare Centre in Kamloops offer complete vision assessment for the entire family, including emergency exams and surgery candidacy, for the entire family. We can fit you for contact lenses and teach you how to use them properly, and we have a large selection of glasses frames from which to choose your perfect pair.


Summit Eyecare Centre provides a range of products and services, including:



  • Eye Exams
    Eye exams are essential when it comes to eye care and glasses in Kamloops. You can consider us for comprehensive eye exams. At Summit Eyecare Centre, we offer quality products and services.


  • Corrective Eyewear
    You can choose from our wide selection of brands such as Jimmy Choo, Dolce & Gabbana, Michael Kors, among many others. We offer quality contact lenses and eyeglasses in Kamloops. At Summit Eyecare Centre, we have an on-site dispensing lab for your convenience.


  • Low Vision

    We can offer a separate, low vision exam to identify appropriate eye care treatment for you.  Please check our FAQ for common questions.



We understand the various challenges you might face due to your specific vision problems. You can consider Summit Eyecare Centre for all your eye care needs. Providing suitable and practical eye care solutions is our goal.


Since eyes are delicate, you never know when your common eye issues will become severe and require immediate attention. At Summit Eyecare Centre, we have a team of experienced and professional optometrists who can provide you with an eye exam. Our eye doctors use new and innovative technology which can detect the issue before it develops.


Feel free to make an appointment with us for quality glasses and eye exams in Kamloops.

Prescription Glasses in Kamloops?

We offer a variety of eye care services in Kamloops.

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