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Your vision is one of your most essential features. Thus, it would be best to have optometrists you could trust to get the right frames and lenses for your eyes. At Summit Eyecare Centre, we offer high-quality contact lenses and eyeglasses in Kamloops. Taking care of your vision power is as vital for us as it is for you! Our team is committed to keeping our patients happy and their eyes healthy. From eye examinations and corrective eyewear to eye surgery assessments, we strive to assist you in achieving and maintaining optimal eye health.


With experienced healthcare professionals and an on-site dispensing lab, Summit Eyecare offers the most comfortable eyeglasses and contact lenses that fit your eyesight requirements and lifestyle. Call us to schedule an appointment!



Our friendly and knowledgeable staff at Summit Eyecare Centre is here to help you find that perfect pair of eyeglasses in Kamloops. We offer a large selection of fashionable and designer frames to choose from, including brands like:

jimmy choo
michael kors
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ray ban
hugo boss
emporio armani

We also offer the latest lens designs, including digitally designed single vision and progressive lenses, fully customized with our computerized assisted measuring devices. The latest lens coatings are available to protect your lenses and ensure you see clearly. We also provide eyeglass repair and on-the-spot fittings and adjustments.


Eyeglasses are a delicate item to handle, especially if you are new to using them! Not to worry, we have some essential tips that you can use to maintain your eyeglasses and keep them running longer:

  • Wash your hands before handling your glasses.

  • Rinse your glasses under lukewarm water to remove dust and debris.

  • Use mild soap to clean the lenses, frames, and nose pads gently.

  • Dry your glasses with a clean cloth or microfiber towel instead of paper towels/tissues.

  • Keep your glasses away from heat to avoid damage to the frame and lenses.

  • If they become loose or misaligned, get your glasses adjusted by a professional.

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We offer various types of high-quality lenses at our eyecare centre in Kamloops, including:


Digital and conventional progressive lenses
Each wearer's prescription is personalized with digital progressives. This setting removes additional distortion and makes transitioning between far and near vision considerably easier. We have lenses from top manufacturers that satisfy your needs.


Single-vision and high-index lenses
Eyeglass lenses with a high index are meant to be thinner and lighter than conventional lenses. There are a variety of lens materials available that can make lenses thinner and lighter, which is especially helpful for stronger prescriptions, but also nice for moderate prescriptions too. Visit us today, and we can help you get the ideal lenses for your needs.


Tinted and polarized lenses
Are you someone who loves going outdoors? With our tinted and polarized lenses, you can get a clearer vision and eye protection when you enjoy outdoor activities.


Anti-glare and ultraviolet-coated lenses
Glares can be distracting and cause problems for people driving or working. With an anti-glare coating, you can block out the extra light that might affect your vision. UV protection saves your eyes. We can provide you with high-quality lenses with all these added benefits.

Bifocal & trifocal lenses
As the name suggests, bifocal lenses possess two different "powers" in them, making them multifocal. Comprising two distinct sections that address near and far-distance vision problems, bifocal lenses work as corrective eyewear for individuals with multiple vision issues.

Similar to bifocal lenses, trifocal lenses are also multifocal. However, they also possess additional power to rectify intermediate vision. This can be helpful for people who often work on computer or laptop screens.




The right frame is essential for a perfect look, feel, and vision. We offer a variety of frame types for your eyeglasses at our centre in Kamloops to help you find the perfect fit:


Rimless frame
They have a minimalistic appearance and are lightweight. They provide a subtle look with only temple arms, nose bridge, and hinges.


These are trendy frame options. They come in bold styles, colours, and different materials.


As the name suggests, semi-rimless glasses encompass half the lenses near the browline area. They give a very classy look and are sleek and dynamic.

These are lightweight and comfortable. Wire-frame can support lenses of various shapes, such as circular, cat-eyed, and heart-shaped.


These frames offer a dual solution of fashion and function, specifically designed for individuals with low-nose bridges.

Quality Contact Lenses in Kamloops

Summit Eyecare Centre supplies some of the most popular brands of contact lenses to our customers in Kamloops. We offer a wide selection of disposable, extended-wear, toric and multifocal contact lenses to address your unique eyesight requirements.


If you are new to wearing contact lenses, our caring staff will show you proper cleaning, insertion and removal techniques to keep your eyes healthy.


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We offer eyeglasses and contact lenses that suit your daily requirements.

To find your ideal eyeglasses or contact lenses in Kamloops, visit us at Summit Eyecare Centre.

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