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At Summit Eye Care, we provide optometry services for the whole family. Our family eye care in Kamloops includes various services such as eye exams and tests, eye injury treatment and preventative care. We have the experience and equipment to attend to the concerns of all age groups. When you come to us for our services, we take a good look at your individual needs to provide you with tailor-made solutions.


If you require an eye exam for yourself or your family, please get in touch with us

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Comprehensive Eye Exams

During a complete eye exam, a Summit Eyecare optometrist will determine your level of vision (visual acuity), your binocularity (such as depth perception and eye muscle coordination) as well as the correction needed to improve your vision (including glasses, contact lenses or vision therapy). The eyes' external and internal health will also be thoroughly examined for signs of systemic disease and ocular conditions, including cataracts, glaucoma, and diabetes, among others.

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Children’s Vision

Summit Eyecare works hard to ensure your child has a positive experience at our clinic: from a fun and relaxed exam setting to a great selection of children's eyewear. It is recommended that children have their eyes examined on a yearly basis. Whether you need immediate eye injury treatment in Kamloops or just some insight on how to keep your eyes safe, you can call us or drop by at our clinic!


Some cases that require an emergency eye exam include, but are not limited to:

Red, Painful Eyes
Eye Injuries, Including Pieces of Metal or Debris in the Eye
Sudden Loss of Vision
Double Vision
Visual Disturbances (e.g. Flashing Lights or Floaters)

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Summit Eyecare Centre is the perfect place to get your next eye exam! Book an appointment with one of our experienced optometrists and visit us for family eye care services in Kamloops.

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